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Getting Started with a Freelance IT job

If you’ve ever gone from working a desk job to working solely as a freelancer, you know the joy that comes from waking up when you want to, a lack of hip and back pain, and the avoidance of fluorescent lights. If you haven’t experienced this but like the idea of sipping mai-tais on the beach while hashing out a quick project or two, freelance work may be where your true passion lies. In 2018, nearly half of the U.S. workforce was made up of freelancers, from design to writing to tech and beyond, working as a freelancer has never been easier.

Why should I do freelance work?

  • Flexibility
  • You are your own boss
  • No unpaid overtime
  • You can work from anywhere
  • The choice to choose the projects and clients you work with
  • Earn more than before

How much do freelance IT jobs pay?

On a smaller scale, freelance tech jobs can earn anywhere from $50 to $70 an hour, with the potential of earning up to $1,000 per hour. A lot of a freelancer’s pay rate depends on the client and job and on their own skills as a freelancer. In the IT world, the more you know beyond JavaScript and HTML and CSS, the more marketable you are, and therefore the more you can make. If you take the time to get more training, you will be able to charge higher, marketing yourself as one of the top options for employers searching for help on complex projects.

How can I do freelance work?

Today, there are several options for doing freelance work. The internet has made it possible to work from the most remote places in the world, which makes the idea of freelance tech jobs extremely enticing. Who wouldn’t want to crunch in a few hours on the job while soaking up the sun on a beach or boathouse? Thankfully, getting into freelance work is far easier than it used to be. Platforms like TalentPowered create a central hub where employers and freelancers can search for projects, clients, or potential employees.

To start in freelance work, you will want to begin by investing in the correct skills necessary. A lot of freelance work is done remotely or from home, which means that self-motivation is a major necessity for getting work done. Without a supervisor right down the hall or across the cubicle from you to keep you on top of projects, you need to find a process that works for you to ensure that projects get done on time and that clients are satisfied. If a home office is too distracting with the fridge and TV too close by, consider investing in a small office space, or finding a public library to use a few hours a day.

Investing in proper training can also be a huge bonus as it will make you far more competitive in the freelance world. Use online training sites or attend community courses to further your IT skills so that when it comes to marketing yourself you will have a leg up on the competition. Obtaining reviews from past clients and testimonials from previous employers to post on your site or to use as a reference can also be a smart to-do when getting your ducks in a row.

Once you feel that you are sufficiently prepared, finding freelance jobs is now as easy as logging onto a freelance website and hitting “find freelance IT jobs.”

What is the best freelance website for beginners?

There are several different platforms that you can find freelance IT jobs on, whether you’re wanting a remote position to beef up a resume, save a little extra or if you’re looking for full-time work. Each website will have its own approach to finding freelance tech jobs. For instance, on some sites you need credits — that you have to pay for — to apply for an open position or to post jobs or projects. With TalentPowered however, it’s always free to post a project or apply for a job. A quick internet search will show you a number of options for freelance sites, but we believe that TalentPowered blows everyone else out of the water by being the number one simple solution to complex projects.

Unlike other platforms, TalentPowered doesn’t charge its users to post projects or jobs or to apply for open positions. Additionally, TalentPowered doubles as a job and productivity platform. Getting started with TalentPowered can be done in four easy steps:

  1. Once you’ve created your account, you can begin searching for open jobs. Once a project is published, you can apply by sending in a proposal for the project.
  2. Employers will compare bids and reviews and then interview and hire the best freelancer for their needs — you!
  3. With the built-in video call and chat features on TalentPowered, you can collaborate easily while also sharing files and tracking the progress of your work.
  4. Once a project or job is completed, you can receive payment for your work through our Milestone Payment system.

Freelance platforms like TalentPowered help provide a sort of protective net around its clients and freelancers. They ensure that payments are accurate and on time, they weed out unqualified proposals and guarantee that you are getting the best options out there.

Where can I post a freelance job?

If you’re on the other end of the search and need a freelancer to help you complete a project, a freelance platform is just as much for you. Sites like TalentPowered are built for both employers and freelancers alike and come with better features than job boards or places like Craigslist.

You will need to create an account to post a project (for free!) on TalentPowered. Once you have an account made, posting a freelance can be done in just a few quick steps:

  1. While logged into your account, select [create project] and fill in all necessary details of the job or project.
  2. Once you click publish, freelancers can begin submitting bids and proposals for the work. You can review and compare bids to make sure you are getting the right freelancer for the work you need done. TalentPowered also helps filter out any unqualified bids.
  3. Once you find the best match for the freelance tech job you can interview and hire them. TalentPowered provides tools to share files and track the progress of a project so you can stay in touch with clients and freelancers to ensure that work gets done in time.
  4. Finally, you can pay using our secure payment system; the system secures the payment once an agreement has been reached, and the freelancer automatically receives payment upon successful completion of the project. And in the event that the delivered work does not meet your expectations, you can raise a dispute or request arbitrage through the TalentPowered platform.