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Messages and Agreements

Concluding a contract with an Employer

The invitations you sent to participate in the project, as well as invitations from Employers, can be viewed in the “Applications” section. In this section, you can track the status of applications, as well as chat with the Employer before entering into agreement.


If the Employer declines your application, your chat will be automatically removed from the list of applications.

When considering an application, the Employer can accept or reject it.

  • If the Employer accepts your terms, he will need to make an advance payment to begin the work on the project.
  • If the Employer rejects your offer, the application and your chat will be automatically deleted from the TPT platform.

After the prepayment for the project has been made by the Employer, the dialog with the Employer will be automatically moved to the "Messages" section, where you can continue to discuss tasks and other issues related to the project.


Changing the deal terms

You can change the terms and conditions before you close a deal.

Use the "Change terms and conditions" button and make changes to the task list, budget, or other parameters. 


Cancelling an Application

You can reject the submitted application by clicking on “Cancel Application”.

The submitted application can be rejected only if the Employer has not made an advance payment for the project yet.


Sending Messages to Employer

On the platform, you can send messages to the Employer and exchange files.

Please note that to one message you can attach up to 10 files up to 1 MB each.


In order to view all the files attached to the chat with the Employer, click on “All Attachments”. All attached files will be displayed in a separate window.