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To create an account on the Talent Powered Team, click "Sign up" in the menu header. 

In the registration form that opens, you will need to specify:

  • E-mail,
  • Role: there are two roles on TPT( Employer and Freelancer),
  • Password and password confirmation.

To continue working with the platform you need to read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.

To complete registration you need to agree with the rules and policy and check the appropriate checkboxes.



After you click on the "Sign up" button, a message will be sent to your email with a request to confirm the registration on the platform. Please follow the link in the email.

Congratulations! Your account has been verified. Using your email and password, you can log into your Personal Account and start filling in your profile information


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To log in to your personal account, click on "Sign in" in the menu header.

In the login form that opens, enter your email and password for your account. 




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