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Messages and Agreements

Concluding a contract with a Freelancer

The requests you sent, as well as requests from Freelancers, can be viewed in the "Requests" section. In this section you can keep track of their status, as well as keep correspondence with the Freelancer until the contract is concluded.

In case a Freelancer rejects your invitation, he or she will be automatically removed from the list of requests.


When reviewing an application received from Freelancer, you can accept or reject it.

  • If you accept the Freelancer's terms, you will have to make a prepayment to start working on the project (you can read more about what a project prepayment is and how to make it in the Financial Management in the Project Prepayment section).
  • If you reject a Freelancer's proposal, his application and your dialog will be automatically deleted from the TPT platforms.


After you make an advance payment for a project, the Freelancer with whom you made the deal and the dialog with him/her will be automatically moved to the "Messages" section, where you can continue to discuss tasks and other issues related to the project.


Changing deal conditions

You can change the terms and conditions before you close the deal.

Use the "Change terms and conditions" button and make changes to the task list, budget, or other parameters. 


Sending Messages to Freelancers

You can send messages to Freelancer and exchange files on the platform.
Please note You can attach up to 10 files of up to 1 MB each to one message.


In order to view all the files attached to the chat with the Freelancer, click on “All Attachments”. All attached files will be displayed in a separate window.